Blockchain Gardens

The blockchain is as complicated, misunderstood and powerfully compelling as any emerging technology that currently exists. It's no longer sufficient to merely explain the technical nuances and intricacies, the time has come for you to experience them. Built on the Ethereum backbone, Solstice FWD attendees participated in one of the first human blockchain experiments in history. Interactions and exchanges were recorded on the FWD ledger and the "future of trust in a trustless world" was on full display.

Blockchain Gardens is a real-time 3D visualization of a private Ethereum blockchain instance displayed at Solstice's annual digital innovation summit. Attendees at the event were tracked throughout the space by an RFID in their badge. As they visited each event booth, these moments and experiences were recorded on the blockchain. We wanted to explore what it would be like to put humans at the center of this emerging technology.

ROLE — Solo Front-end Developer, 3D Designer
TECH — Unity, Ethereum, IoT RFID Readers, Google Firebase, PCF, AWS
DATE — June 2018